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One bite mullet roe

Specifications: Vacuum Transparent Packaging

Product Description:
Wild mackerel usually has a more vibrant and multi-layered marine flavor due to its natural growing environment. Since it has not been bred in captivity, the number is extremely rare. Survival in the sea is different due to the intake of nutrients, the higher the oil represents an abundant intake of nutrients, rich in lecithin, and the color of the eggs is even darker than that of the general yellow or orange mullet roe, commonly known as "blood roe", "black roe", and the higher the amount of oil mullet roe has the reputation of being "烏金".

The craft that has been passed down for many years strictly controls the salt, pressure and dryness to ensure that the taste and texture are maintained at a high level, resulting in the sticky, moderately salty and sweet taste of mullet roe. Wild mullet roe is usually firm, with an elastic texture and a stronger flavor that guarantees freshness and no fishy taste. Mackerel roe is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, B complex, E, copper, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

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It is often noted that the roe is considered a high quality and flavorful ingredient in the kitchen.
1. Tear open the package and eat: thinly sliced bites of mackerel roe can be served directly with a little olive oil and lemon juice, or a few slices of garlic; this is the easiest way to enjoy the freshness and unique taste of mackerel roe.

2. On toasted bread: Sliced roe on toasted bread is a good choice for breakfast or as an appetizer.

3. With pasta or rice: Dice the roe and serve with hot rice or noodles; the roe will release more flavor under the heat.

4. Udon Sushi: In Japanese cuisine, udon can be used to make sushi by placing thin slices of udon roe on top of sushi rice. This is a simple yet elegant combination that enhances the superior taste.

5. Creative snacks: Incorporating roe into more modern dishes, such as adding roe to pizza or making roe omelets and spring rolls, are all innovative attempts.

6. Snacking with wine: Mackerel roe is also an excellent snack, especially when paired with wine, which can provide a different gastronomic experience.
These dishes not only allow gourmets to enjoy the unique flavor of the roe, but also show the versatility of the roe in different cuisines. It is important to preserve the flavor and texture of the roe, avoid over-seasoning, and let the natural flavor of the roe take center stage.