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Spineless Flounder-Fish Fillet

Specifications: Vacuum Transparent Packaging

Product Description:
Fish fillets are a selection of cuts from the lice fish that are preferred for quick cooking due to their boneless nature and tender flesh. These fillets are not only boneless and easy to eat, they are also rich in EPA and DHA, making them a favorite for healthy cooking. Suitable for pan-frying or deep-frying, they are unforgettable and ideal for healthy cooking!

Each fillet comes from carefully selected healthy lice fish, guaranteed boneless and easy to eat. These fillets are high in protein and omega-3, making them ideal for consumers looking for a healthy diet.

Vacuum packaging technology is used to keep the fillets fresh for easy storage and transportation. This packaging not only extends shelf life, but also makes it easier for consumers to use.

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Fillets are great for pan-frying, stir-frying, or grilling, and quick cooking keeps the meat tender and full of flavor. If the fillets are deep fried, they will be golden and crispy. It also tastes great in pasta, where the rich fish flavor and fat aroma blend perfectly with the pasta, and the tender texture makes it a favorite among gourmets.