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Wistron, as a TSP (Technical Service Provider) company, provides state of the art information and communication related product design, manufacturing, services, and systems. With the development of Cloud computing, Wistron combines hardware devices and cloud data systems through software services to provide technical service platforms and solutions to our customers. In addition, Wistron has been dedicated to building value chains in the ICT industry and innovation platforms in the new era of education and enterprise services, IoT, and medical services. Our extensive technology services include 5G, AI, Metaverse related applications, Electric and Autonomous Vehicles, as well as Industry 4.0.

The subsidiary Wistron Digital Technology (WDT) is an AI-based technology company with a dynamic, global, entrepreneurial-minded team. With over 40 years of industry expertise, WDT everages Wistron's extensive hardware and software integration experience, utilizing internal and external resources to provide digital transformation and AI empowerment technology services across Farm-to-Table industries. We offer a wide range of Data, AI, and Automation solutions, covering R&D, integration, optimization, manufacturing, as well as cloud platform for control, detection, alerts, data backup, and analysis services. Our goal is to assist players in the Agri-food value chain to lower entry barriers, accelerate digital transformation, increase profits, as a technology innovation partner.