International Symposium of Promoting Sustainable Seafood and Ecological Aquaculture 2023

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The conference aims to study the significance of sustainable seafood and ecological aquaculture and how they affect the environment, ecosystems, and society. It seeks to promote the use of international certification standards in the seafood and aquaculture industry, create more chances for collaboration and exchange among industry professionals worldwide, and work together to advance the development of sustainable seafood and ecological aquaculture. Additionally, the conference aims to educate the public about the importance of consuming sustainable seafood and increase awareness of ecological aquaculture, encouraging people to make sustainable choices as consumers.

  • Date /Time:09:50 - 12:30, Sep 2 (Fri), 2023
  • Venue: Square, 1F, TaiNEX 1
  • Organizer: MY Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Aquarius Lawyers


Time Description Speaker
09:30~09:50 Guest Registration  
09:50~09:55 Welcoming Speech Mr. Steven Xu, General Manager
Upwelling Ocean Inc.
09:55~10:45 【International Trends and Case Studies】
Sharing of international legal norms and successful business cases of fishery environment

Ms. Katherine Hawes, Principal Solicitor

Aquarius Lawyers

10:45~11:15 4 Major Support For Sustainable Fisheries Development : Education、Market、NGO and Government Mr. Steven Xu, General Manager
Upwelling Ocean Inc.
11:15~11:45 Conservation and Improvement of Marine Ecosystem Taiwan Ocean Conservation and Fishery Sustainability Foundation
11:45~12:15 Responsible Ecological Farming System: International Benchmark for Responsible Tilapia Faming

Mr. Sean Liu, Chief of RD Dept

Tosei Seafoods Co., Ltd.

12:15~12:30 Panel Discussions  
12:30 End of Conference  

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This conference will focus and specialize on the extrusion and related equipment for pet and aqua feeds. The one-day conference will feature a various of industry expert speakers offering innovative presentations on maximizing the use of extrusion machinery and aqua feed systems.


!Registration closed!
National Taiwan Ocean University Operation Center for Enterprise Academia Networking, National Taiwan Ocean University Center of Excellence for the Oceans, and the Ministry of Education's Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Precision Health will jointly integrate their resources to organize an international conference focused on environmental sustainability, circular economy, and diversified health. The conference aims to invite participants from various sectors, including government officials, business representatives, academia, teachers, and students.
The purpose of this conference is to provide attendees with a platform for learning and exchange, fostering innovation and promoting sustainable development in the field of aquaculture