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Brief introduction
There are numerous kinds of chemicals in plants, which are effective to control plant diseases, such as alkaloid, glycosides, phenols, aldehydes, terpenoids etc. Black-Nemafree is an ideal pesticide is made from plants, minimum risk to human, broad spectrum, high efficiency and compatible with most agrochemicals.

Features of product
◆ Convenient and safe to use: Black-Nemafree can be mix with most pesticides and foliar fertilizers, as well as low toxic, biodegrade and no pesticide residue.
◆ Natural product: Black-Nemafree is made from plant essential oils and extracts.
◆ Broad spectrum: Black-Nemafree has good control efficacy on powdery mildew, downy mildew, rust, Phytophthora rot, early blight, leaf mold, blast (rice) and root-knot nematode of crops.
◆ Contact pesticide: Black-Nemafree rapidly destroy cell wall and membrane of plant pathogenic microbes.
Controlling plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteriaand nematodes.