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Pioneering Technologies: Igniting Sustainable Agriculture

Int\'l Green Agriculture Expo Taiwan (AGRIGREEN TAIWAN) is a new addition to Taiwan Smart Agriweek. Amidst the accelerating climate change, posing threats to ecosystems and disrupting crop production, causing biodiversity loss and market price volatility, the exhibition prioritizes sustainability, green innovation, and resilient agriculture. This focus aims to achieve effective resource utilization, ecological protection, and ensure long-term agricultural sustainability. 

We sincerely invite you to join us in revealing the forward-looking future of agriculture.


Market Information

  • Carbon Credit Trading Emerged As A New Trend In Agriculture

Industries with high carbon demands may need to purchase carbon emission allowances to increase their permitted carbon emission levels. Considering the reliance of agriculture on natural resources and its capacity for carbon sequestration, carbon credit trading is poised to become a leading trend in agriculture.


  • Adopting Green Energy To Achive Self Sufficiency Energy

With the goal of Net Zero 2050, The Ministry of Agriculture plans to provides subsidies of green energy facilities for aquaculture farmers, encouraging the adoption of green energy equipment, to promote self-sufficiency, energy independence, cost savings, and enhance operational efficiency.


  • Utilizing Agricultural Recycling To Enhance Industrial Production

Utilizing advanced technologies enables the conversion of organic waste from agriculture, fishing, and livestock into both animal feed and compost, while also creating possibilities for biomass power generation.



Why Should I Exhibit?


AGRIGREEN TAIWAN epitomizes the fusion of sustainability, market dynamics, responsibility, and technology, guiding agriculture towards innovative horizons.

  • International Professional Forums

AGRIGREEN TAIWAN unites hundreds of experts and numerous academic speakers, fostering discussions on cutting-edge agricultural innovation and driving intelligent advancements in sustainable agriculture.

  • Professional Industry Buyers

AGRIGREEN TAIWAN introduces the hosted buyer program, attracting worldwide professional and offering hotel accommodation reimbursements.

  • Precise Business Matchmaking

AGRIGREEN TAIWAN streamlines B2B matchmaking, connecting exhibitors with global professional buyers. Our proactive platform ensures efficient scheduling, boosting business matching success.

  • Diverse Media Exposure

AGRIGREEN TAIWAN collaborates with global industry exhibitions, shares the press releases for the exhibitors and the exhibition itself via industry media channels, and utilizes AGRITECH official website and diverse social platforms for robust global promotion.

  • Smart Website for Enhanced Product Exposure and News Visibility

AGRIGREEN TAIWAN\'s AI-driven website not only optimizes product labels for improved searchability but also enhances the visibility of pre- and post-exhibition press releases in the market.

  • AGRI NEXT TALK New Product Launch

AGRIGREEN TAIWAN offers this exclusive session, limited to 30 slots (36 square meters or larger), for company product launches and interactive engagement to achieve the best exhibiting result.


Exhibitor Benefits

    • Showcase your products and services to a wider audience
    • Elevate your brand\'s visibility and reputation
    • Network with global experts and cultivate valuable connections
    • Gain in-depth insights into future business opportunities in varius agriculture sectors
    • Develop new dealerships and form profitable partnerships
    • Access international markets effectively
    • Drive cross-sector collaborations in various agriculture sectors
    • Enable industry cooperation, technology transfer and business matchmakings



Exhibition Profile

Renewable Energy Technologies Carbon Capture & Sequestration Agri-Recycling Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV) Services
  • Fishery / Agriculture and Electricity Symbiosis
  • Power Storage Systems
  • Algae Carbon Fixation Technology Application
  • Carbon Capture Cultivation Systems
  • CO2 Fertilization Technology
  • Aquaponics
  • Biogas Power Generation Equipment and Technology
  • Biomass Energy Equipment
  • Composting Equipment
  • Organic Waste Disposal Technology and Equipment
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV) Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Accreditation Companies                               



Targeted Buyers and Visitors

Producer and Manufacturer Distributor Service Provider Government and Research institute
  • Agricultural Enterprise and Group
  • Agricultural Seedling and Breeding Units
  • Biotech Firm
  • Food Processing Manufacturer
  • Tech Farmer
  • Agent and Distributor
  • Agricultural Product Suppliers
  • E-Commerce
  • Importer and Exporter
  • Wholesaler and Retailer
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Industry Consultant
  • System Integrator 
  • Venture Capital for Startups
  • Academic Research Institutions
  • Government Agency
  • Industry Related Institution of Higher Education



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