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Booth Choices :

A. Raw Space Booth

(Minimum Purchase Starts at 36 sqm)

The space is not included furniture and electric supply. The exhibitor can assign contractor to design and build up the booth to highlight the company\\\\\\'s brand image and attract potential buyers.

Exhibitors opting for raw space can strengthen their brand presentation on site for a grand and unique atmosphere!

B. Shell Scheme Booth

(Minimum Purchase Starts at 12 sqm)


Items Included: System Partition, Company Name Fascia Board, Needle Punch Carpet, Lockable Reception Desk, Meeting Table, 3 Folding Chairs, 4 LED Spotlights, 110V/4A Socket, and Dustbin.


If exhibitors require additional furniture such as display stands or poster printing, they can directly order from the appointed decorator.


Shell Scheme Reference

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