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Exhibitior Schedule 2024

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From now on 31st May, 2024

Upload Company and Product Info onto Official Website for Targeted Exposure

Around April 2024  31st May, 2024

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Deadline for Applying Additional Exhibitor Badges

31st May, 2024 22nd Aug, 2024

Exhibitor's Manual

 Around 11th June, 2024

Booth Selection Meeting

 12th June, 2024

Upload Company and Product info onto the Matchmaking Meeting Pre-Scheduling Platform for Precise Business Discussion

 12th June, 2024 – 20th Sep, 2024

Deadline for Applying Exhibition-Related Documents

 25th Jul, 2024

Deadline for Applying Additional On-Site Rental Equipment

 25th Jul, 2024

Start Booking the Matchmaking Meeting using the Meeting Pre-Scheduling Platform

 12th Aug, 2024 – 20th Sep, 2024


9th – 10th Sep, 2024

Exhibition Dates

11th – 13th Sep, 2024


13th Sep, 2024