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The 8th Edition Taiwan SMART Agriweek 2023

  • Taiwan International Agri & Horti Technology Expo
  • Taiwan International Livestock Tech Expo
  • Taiwan International Fresh Cold Chain Expo

The 9th Edition Taiwan International Ocean and Fisheries Industry Show

Date AUG 31 – SEP 2, 2023 (Three Days)
Venue Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Forums/Conferences Agriculture
  • Responding to Climate Change in the Agriculture and Food Industry Sustainable Forum
  • New Zealand and Australia Smart Agriculture Buyers Exchange Forum
  • International Management of Taiwan’s Agriculture Forum
  • Net-Zero Agricultural Machinery Development Conference
  • Comprehensive View of Agricultural Technology and Food Safety
Livestock and poultry
  • The 3rd Animal Precision Nutrition International Forum
  • Mini-Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Animal Health
  • Blue Technology: Enabling a Sustainable Future by Intelligent Aquaculture and Diversified Health
  • Diffusion and Application Models of Innovative Aquaculture Beneficial Feeds
  • International Symposium of Promoting Sustainable Seafood and Ecological Aquaculture 2023
  • Australian Oyster Farming Seminar - Single seed farming and techniques
  • Taiwan Fresh Cold Chain Innovation and Sustainability Seminar
Exhibition Scale 303 exhibitors from 20 countries / 625 booths
Number of Visitors 13,000+ visitors from 52 countries
Number of Buyers Over 500 online & offline procurement matchmaking sessions, with an anticipated purchase volume reaching 80 million US dollars. 
Organizer My Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Endorsed By
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City
Strategic Partner
  • Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Media Partners
  • Milling and Grain
  • International AQUAFEED
  • Aquaculture Asia Pacific
  • Kehakaset
  • Trobos Aqua
  • Trobos Livestock
  • Asiafresh
  • Eurofresh
  • Foodubai
  • The Fish Site
  • Trade Fair Dates


2023 Buyer Feedback- AGRITECH

泰國農業工程學會_工作區域 1

President Dr. Dares Kittiyopas

Thai Society of Agricultural Engineering (Thailand)

Taiwan Smart Agriweek and the International Aquaculture and Fisheries Expo Taiwan provide a captivating and comprehensive platform covering every sector of agriculture and showcasing highly advanced technologies. My expectation before attending the show was to gain deeper insights into agricultural, livestock, and aquaculture innovations through this exhibition platform. I am pleased to say that I achieved my objectives and am certainly planning future collaborations with Taiwan.

 香港_工作區域 1

Mr. Leung

Tai Tong Lychee Valley Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)

After personally attending the exhibition, my conviction in Taiwan's advanced agricultural technology grew stronger. I witness numerous innovative agricultural technologies showcased at the event, including remarkable waste-to-energy solutions, as well as engaging in discussions with exhibitors from different pavilions. I aspire to bring these quality products back to Hong Kong, creating a mutually beneficial situation.

2023 Buyer Feedback- AGRILIVESTOCK

印尼_工作區域 1

President Mr. Desianto Budi Utomo

Indonesian Feedmills Association (Indonesia)

I'm attending this exhibition to explore Taiwan's advanced technologies, particularly in feed milling and farming systems. The disparity between Indonesia and Taiwan in the livestock sector lies in technology adoption. Taiwan has embraced IoT and advanced technologies, transforming the industry into an internet-based ecosystem. In contrast, Indonesia's livestock farming system remains rooted in conventional practices with limited high-tech integration. I hope that IoT and precision smart farming systems can be adopted in Indonesia through the facilitation of Taiwan Smart Agriweek, fostering collaboration between Taiwanese suppliers and Indonesian farmers/feed millers. 

越南_工作區域 1

President Vo Hieu Trung

Nanochem Co., Ltd.  (Vietnam)

I am very satisfied with the show this year as the quality of the products are stable, and the prices are reasonable. Since my company is specifically looking for feed additives, the most impressive companies would be BiomiXin Co., Ltd, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Lactozyme Biotechnology Co., Ltd, and Eubiotics Co. Ltd. I would definitely like to visit the show again next year and I hope to see more feed additive’s related exhibitors on-site!

未命名-1_工作區域 1

Mr. Edwin C Mapanao 

United Nutrition & Animal Healthcare Company & Philippine Association of Feed Millers, Inc. 

Taiwan Smart Agriweek & Int'l Aquacutlure and Fisheries Expo Taiwan highlight innovative products in swine & aquaculture as well as showcase digital transformation in the food value chain. I would say it is definetely a worth-visit show for all the industry folks. 

 未命名-1_工作區域 1-01

President Hsu

Formosan Farmers Association for Swine Improvement

I gained valuable insights into livestock farming technologies and equipment with significant industry advantages during last year's show. That's why I've returned this year, eager to explore solutions for labor streamlining and efficiency enhancement. 


2023 Buyer Feedback- AQUACULTURE & FISHERIES

馬來西亞_工作區域 1

Mr. Ma 

WK fishery (Malaysia)

My company is developing a purse seine fishing vessel and sought advanced fishing equipment at the exhibition. I'm particularly interested in the marine communication equipment system from Samsan Enterprise Co. Many items from the show are essential for our vessel, and we're open to collaborating with companies, introducing MIT products to industry professionals in Malaysia. I also explored the pavilion of Fishing Gears Manufacturing Industries Association, noting Taiwan's sophisticated technical equipment for marine fisheries. I have high expectations for the future collaboration between Malaysia and Taiwan.

韓國 斐_工作區域 1

Chairman Mr. Bae, Ki IL

Korea Fishery Trade Association (South Korea)

While our association primarily exports Korean aquatic products and has established a booth at this year's exhibition, it's important to note that we also import a significant portion of Taiwanese aquatic product. After this year's exhibition, we are committed to ongoing collaboration with International Aquaculture and Fisheries Expo Taiwan and the importation of aquaculture fish from Taiwan.

 香港 漁業_工作區域 1

Founder Mr. Daniel Liao

U-tech Fishery Innovation Limited (Hong Kong)

I recognize Taiwan's significant strengths in aquaculture, marine fisheries, and agriculture, with continuous development. Addressing challenges in Hong Kong's agriculture, heavily dependent on imports, requires active participation and investment in the industry's development. To achieve this, finding a suitable region and collaborating with capable peers is essential. The exhibited products and Taiwan's agriculture, seen at the exhibition, are promising collaboration opportunities. The diverse technologies showcased at the National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) booth particularly caught my interest. I am contemplating extending invitations to other relevant Taiwanese universities, including National Taiwan Ocean University.


Ms. Kaori Shinayama

Kanaokakizai Co., Ltd.  (Japan)

After visiting the exhibition, I found out that Taiwan is actually very advanced in its marine products and marine product processing technology. Therefore, I would like to investigate the show every year and incorporate better ones. There is an exhibitor that I am very impressed, which is Taiwan Ocean Conservation and Fisheries Sustainability Foundation. Since our company is interested in canned products, this company is developing what we are looking for and also looking forward to collaborate with them in the future.

未命名-1_工作區域 1-02

Mr. Alonso

Belman Laboratories Inc.

The exhibition is very well organized. I was able to connect with a reputable company (BiomiXin) and had a very meaningful business engagement. The organizer, My Exhibition Co., Ltd., was always very helpful and willing to assist me on any difficulties throughout the show.

未命名-1_工作區域 1-01

Mr. Le Ben

Tri Tin Co Ltd.

The exhibition is highly professional and well-prepared. I would say that this exhibition is a must-attend event for all the aquaculture industry players.

2023 Buyer Feedback- AGRIFRESH

Ms. Olivia Limpe-Aw

Phil. Archipelago International Trading Corp

Flutai's cold chain systems and solutions can 

significantly enhance the cold chain logistics in the Philippines, improving the quality of our cold chain products and minimizing wastage of valuable resources.


2023 Exhibitor Feedback

未命名-1_工作區域 1-04

Forever Green Biological Co., Ltd.

The exhibition organizer, My Exhibition Co., Ltd., invited many overseas buyers and provided pre-scheduling matchmaking meeting platform to increase more business opportunities. The overall effect of the exhibition was very good this year.

未命名-1_工作區域 1-02

Everlasting A-one Trading Co., Ltd.

Compared with past exhibiting experiences, the numbers of foreign buyers and visitors increase significantly this year. The business matchmaking meetings arrange by the organizer, My Exhibition Co., Ltd., are very precise as the buyers’ needs are accurately matched with our products. On-site staff actively looked after both buyers and exhibitors to reduce waiting time.

未命名-1_工作區域 1-01

Amber Nanotech Co., Ltd.

I meet some potential customers during the exhibition and they are real ones. Also, the working attitude of the staff on-site is pretty good and professional.

異詠_工作區域 1

Aeon Matrix Inc.

My Exhibition Co., Ltd., demonstrates genuine dedication through meticulous exhibition planning. The organizer also offers business matchmaking platform to schedule the meetings with potential buyers, which help bolstering our promotion efforts both domestically and internationally significantly.


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