About 10th Edition IAFET

Revolutionizing Fisheries: Innovative Technology for Low-Carbon Sustainability

International Aquaculture and Fisheries Expo Taiwan (IAFET) will be held at the TaiNEX 1, 1st Floor, from September 11 to13, 2024. 


IAFET offers smart solutions in marine fishing and aquaculture, serving as a key Asian fishery exhibition. The expo spans three areas: marine fisheries, aquaculture and algae, and high-quality seafood. Integrating the supply chain, it showcases Taiwan\'s expertise, smart technology, and operational models from origin to table, emphasizing sustainable fisheries.

In marine fisheries, the focus is on resource management, featuring smart ship systems, fishing equipment, and information-based fishery management. The exhibition promotes responsible fishing and sustainable oceans.

In aquaculture, it highlights smart technology for breeding efficiency, safe products, and eco-friendly strategies, including smart breeding management systems, environmental monitoring, and low-carbon solutions.

The high-quality seafood area showcases domestic and international aquatic products, offering certification services, innovative processing strategies, and market exploration support.

Therefore, we sincerely invite you to join us in revealing the forward-looking future of fisheries.


Market Opportunities


  • Sustainable Fisheries Emerges As The Biggest Business Opportunity
    In response to the growing demand for seafood, the fisheries industry has transitioned towards more sustainable practices, emphasizing the conservation, monitoring, and management of fisheries resources as pivotal business opportunities.


  • Smart Technologies to Enhance Fishing Quality & Efficiency
    The emergence of digital technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics aids in improving fisheries production, cost efficiency, and enhancing the management of fisheries resources.


  • Government Investment On Vessel Monitoring Systems
    In response to the increasing demand for seafood and as a measure to regulate fishing capacity against overfishing, the  Fisheries Agency, Ministry of Agriculture offers subsidies of up to NT$150,000 for the installation of vessel camera systems on tuna longline, bonito and tuna purse seine, squid, and saury fishing vessels.


  • Leveraging AIS to Enhance Safety of Fishing Vessels
    To boost fishing vessel safety, the Fisheries Agency, Ministry of Agriculture plans to subsidize NT$20,000 for the installation of a portable Automatic Identification System (AIS) on fishing vessels with a capacity of 20 tons or less.


  • Aquaculture Industry Embraces Smart Solutions
    As aquaculture\'s role grows in fisheries, Taiwan is introducing intelligent technology for efficient fish farming. The AI-driven smart transformation, integrating digitization, automation, IoT, and cloud management, aims to maximize productivity. Simultaneously, efforts to strengthen cold chain initiatives are underway to upgrade the fisheries industry.


  • Government Promotion of Certification and Labeling of Aquatic Products
    Through initiatives like traceability verification, certification for quality Taiwanese aquatic products, and organic and processed items, we aim to boost trust in high-quality seafood. Supporting fish-eating education, we encourage people to choose local products, understand the fishing industry, and stimulate the domestic market.


  • Aquatic Products: Eco-Friendly, Low Carbs and High Nutritional Value Protein 
    According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, increased fish consumption, especially from aquaculture, the fastest-growing global fish production system, offers a feed conversion ratio 7 to 15 times more efficient than other meat protein sources. This has the potential to reduce the demand for cultivating feed crops and alleviate pressure on natural ecosystems, addressing the food crisis.


  • Aquaculture Products Is Taking the Lead 
    According to the 2020 Food and Agriculture Organization report, global aquaculture production hit a record 82.1 million tons in 2018. With consistent annual growth, aquaculture has contributed over $250 billion to the total sales value of global fisheries, exceeding 60% of the total production value.




Why Should I Exhibit?


  • International Aquaculture and Fisheries Expo Taiwan Overview
    IAFET epitomizes the fusion of sustainability, market dynamics, responsibility, and technology, guiding the aquaculture & fisheries industries towards innovative horizons.


  • International Professional Forums
    IAFET unites hundreds of experts and numerous academic speakers, fostering discussions on cutting-edge agricultural innovation and driving intelligent advancements in smart agriculture.


  • Professional Industry Buyers
    IAFET introduces the hosted buyer program, attracting worldwide professional and offering hotel accommodation reimbursements.


  • Precise Business Matchmaking
    IAFET streamlines B2B matchmaking, connecting exhibitors with global professional buyers. Our proactive platform ensures efficient scheduling, boosting business matching success.


  • Diverse Media Exposure
    IAFET collaborates with global industry exhibitions, shares the press releases for the exhibitors and the exhibition itself via industry media channels, and utilizes the exhibition official website and diverse social platforms for robust global promotion.


  • Smart Website for Enhanced Product Exposure and News Visibility
    IAFET\'s AI-driven website not only optimizes product labels for improved searchability but also enhances the visibility of pre- and post-exhibition press releases in the market.


  • AGRI NEXT TALK New Product Launch
    IAFET offers this exclusive session, limited to 30 slots (36 square meters or larger), for company product launches and interactive engagement to achieve the best exhibiting result.



Exhibitor Benefits


      • Showcase your products and services to a wider audience
      • Elevate your brand\'s visibility and reputation
      • Network with global experts and cultivate valuable connections
      • Gain in-depth insights into future business opportunities in varius agriculture sectors
      • Develop new dealerships and form profitable partnerships
      • Access international markets effectively
      • Drive cross-sector collaborations in various aquaculutre and fisheries sectors
      • Enable industry cooperation, technology transfer and business matchmakings


Exhibition Profile
Marine Fishery Aquaculture and Algae High Quality Seafood
  • Drone Technology
  • Fishing Gear and Nets
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
  • Marine Information Technology
  • Marine Sustainable Development
  • Marine Safety and Equipment
  • Ship Navigation and Radar Systems
  • Vessel Equipment and Technology
  • Vessel Identification and Positioning Systems
  • AIOT  Aquaculture System
  • Aquatic Product Safety Management
  • Aquaculture Equipment and Technology
  • Carbon Sequestration Technology Applications
  • Feed Technology
  • Seedling Technique and Technologies
  • Sustainable Aquaculture Development and Innovation
  • Water Quality Management System
  • Aquatic Products Certification and Labeling Services
  • Aquatic Biotechnology
  • Cold Chain Logistics
  • Processing Equipment and Technology
  • Premium Seafood
Targeted Buyers and Visitors
Producer and Manufacturer Distributor and Service Provider Government and Research Institute
  • Fish Farmer and Fisherman
  • Fishing Boat Operator
  • Industry Related Association
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Provider
  • Shipbuilder
  • Catering Service Provider
  • E-Commerce
  • Importer and Exporter
  • Wholesaler and Retailer
  • Academic Research Institution
  • Government Agency
  • Industry Related Consultant
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