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Large Industrial-grade Pest Insect Trap Lamp CU02A_for Indoor

After continuous research and improvement, we have developed a series of pest insect trap lamps to cater to the different needs of our customers.

With remarkable effectiveness in attracting and exterminating pest insect, we have earned acclaim from users and also secured a patent from the Republic of China for our invention!
Product features:

1. Leveraging the phototactic nature of pest insects, our devices first attract harmful mosquitoes and other light-seeking pests using light lure, then swiftly dispatch them with a powerful electric shock.

2. Target pests: mosquitoes, flies, glass ants, moths, and other light-attracted pests.

3. Reducing insect density to safeguard human and animal health, contributing to bountiful harvests in agriculture.

4. Physically exterminating insects without the use of chemical pesticides to prevent secondary pollution to humans, animals, and the environment.

Suitable usage locations:
1. Indoor applications.
2. Suitable for places such as cow farm, green house, chicken coop, sheep pen...