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Since 1918, Hwa Gung Tea Co., Ltd. has been an integral part of the global tea industry culture that emerged after the First World War. Upholding the legacy of traditional Taiwanese tea culture and family-run business operations, we have independently founded and continued operating a quaint storefront tea shop, a testament to our enduring legacy. Through innovative management and modern methods, we have established the agro-industrial processing stations, “Hwa Gung Tea Factory”. We are committed to producing high quality teas and selling exquisite products, also marketing them overseas, in line with our vision that "Tea embodies the essence of Formosa, and spreads kindness to all humanity."

We immerse ourselves in our tea cultivation regions, focusing on every detail to create a source-based “Farmers' Manor” cooperative system, achieving a fully integrated production-to-sales chain. Committed to the production of 100% Taiwanese tea of exquisite quality, we have established the premium estate tea brand “HGT,” named after Hwa Gung Tea, which built on high-quality craftsmanship with contemporary style and tea artisanal accents.

Our mission is to preserve the esteemed heritage of Taiwanese tea-making artistry and to uphold the four foundational tenets of our corporate creed: health, safety, integrity, and responsibility. These principles, passed down through the ages, anchor our commitment to a business philosophy that prioritizes humanity and cherishes tea as its essence. We celebrate the sensory depth of tea flavor and the cultural bounty they represent with Immersion, spreading the joy that arises from contemporary tea feast experiences.