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Duck hunting can be said to be the most representative specialty of Yilan. However, due to the lack of corporate production and management, if we want to break through the current situation, only corporate development and matching with market trends can the duck industry develop more vigorously. .
The founder was born in the National Chiayi Agricultural College. He studied agricultural economics in school. He has been a professional in the agricultural community in the past. By chance, he entered the Yilan Branch of the Animal Production Experimental Institute (commonly known as the Duck Breeding Center), specializing in the research and development of duck meat. New processing technology and promote it to the private sector. Due to his work, he was deeply confident in the production and marketing of duck meat, so he decided to invest in the duck meat processed products market and established "Doctor Duck" to carry forward the processing technology of the laboratory.
The Doctor Duck Tourist Factory was established on February 6, 1998, to truly respond to the advent of the economic experience era. It is also the first company to introduce the CIS corporate identity recognition system into traditional industries, and is the founder of the brand, improving corporate management for traditional industries and injecting new vitality into the industry. The Doctor Duck Tourist Factory has also been certified as a tourist factory by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It is the only certified duck tour factory in Taiwan.