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AUO Crystal Corporation was established by AUO Group in 2009. Originally known as "AUO Energy Corporation and renamed to “AUO Crystal Corp.” The company’s parent, AU Optronics, started its own solar division in 2008, and has been working diligently since then to build an integrated supply chain through business cooperation with Japan-based silicon manufacturer M.Setek and U.S.A. leading solar cells maker. AUO Crystal Corporation , management team members are all elites who come from different backgrounds such as materials science, Chemistry science, and chemical engineering. With solid tenacity, knowledge, and judgment, the management team can check the needs of customers. AUO Crystal Corporation . is now dedicated to building up an elite squad of silicon manufacturing and serving customers from all over the world. Since entering the agricultural market a few years ago, AUO Crystal Corporation has now become the number one choice for domestic agricultural silicon materials. AUO Crystal Corporation is fully committed to friendly and organic agriculture, contributing to the sustainable development of society, the environment and agriculture.