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Amber Nanotech Co., Ltd. was formed by a group of experienced semiconductor professionals, constituting an elite team driven by the aspirations of benefiting society, themselves, and the environment.
Mission: We focus on the manufacturing and development of nano-materials into various industries:
Products: Proprietary nanotechnology brand “硒穎力 (SUPEROSELEN)”.
1.Nano Fertilizer in Smart Agriculture & to upgrade traditional agricultural products to healthy food level & improve farmers' earning.
(1) Functional Fertilizer(Nano Fertilizer: Rich in selenium and trace element micronutrients.
(1-1)To improve crop growth.
(1-2)To enhance people’s health through the consumption of selenium-rich crops.
(2) Pesticide reduction materials:
(3) High Efficiency Fertilizers
2.As well Nano products for Medical device industry.
Company strength:
1. Strong R&D: Our team includes 2 PhDs and 2 external PhD consultants, including a German professor & a Taiwan professor.
2. Professional Lab & Factory: Located in Taoyuan City and equipped with high-tech equipment.
Summary: Amber Nanotech Co., Ltd. would continually apply High-tech to upgrade traditional Agriculture .