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Greencoal technology company limited, founded in 2001, formerly known as "Lu Wei“ biotechnology companies. Mainly engaged in R & D, production and promotion of energy and environmental biochemical enzyme. After more than a decade of efforts to successfully developed below products, made considerable achievements and contributions,are widely used in the industries of food, textile, chemical, petrochemical,cement, iron and steel, power generation and so on. Product list: Existing water circulation system use water chemical treatment agent such as Pesticides, scale preventive agent, bleach, anti-algae adhesion agent, is replaced byBIO-CLEAN. BIO-CLEAN is mainly used in water circulation system as it can maintain efficiency of system heat transfer and prevent corrosion and scaling of the wall or the system's. Its elements include staphylococcus aureus and do not have problem of secondary chemical pollution that make it to be the perfect treatment agent for water circulation system. AFF-GREEN FEED ADDITIVES Particular herbal recipe/Kampo/Bio product Vegetarian feeding Antibiotic-free/No preventive medication No animal protein and fat Biochemical enzymes used by human and biological detection , primarily engaged in the testing of human blood glucose, blood lipids, cholesterol, uric acid test and instrument development,and manufacturing and biological residues medication biochemical enzyme.