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Coat Green is an eco-friendly bio company advocating "Technology that Considers Nature" and developing various fertilizers and agricultural materials for sustainable agriculture. We have established a research center in Dongtan, Korea, a production plant in Yeongam, and we also operate a production plant in Lianyungang, China. For the past 20 years, we have been providing OEM and ODM services, specializing in manufacturing and processing, and offering high-quality services and products in B2B to meet customer needs.

Leveraging our expertise accumulated from OEM and ODM experiences, Coat Green provides customized fertilizer production services to customers. We handle all stages of supply chain management (SCM), from providing solutions for fertilizer production to sourcing raw materials, custom manufacturing, and logistics agency. Our services are detailed into blending, granulation of raw materials, coating, refining, and quality inspection.

The strengths of Coat Green lie in advanced coating processing technology, diverse formulation production, and packaging design capabilities. First, we offer a wide range of coating services using various coating materials for active ingredient attachment and protection, release control, and surface smoothing. Second, we have established various production lines to produce any desired formulation of agricultural materials. Finally, Coat Green pays as much attention to packaging as to the quality of fertilizers, helping build brand image with packaging that attracts consumers' eyes.