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Rec Rec - the world's first low-fat, low-sodium, high-protein snack with cricket essence, is here to revolutionize your snacking experience! These ready-to-eat chips are not just delicious but packed with sustainable, eco-friendly protein. Imagine enjoying a snack that provides 3x more complete protein than beef, boosts your body with essential minerals and vitamins, and tastes amazing—all while being gentle on the planet. With Rec Rec, you’re not just snacking—you’re making a positive impact on the world.

CricketOne produces sustainable, affordable cricket ingredients at scale for B2B markets. Our patented technologies include vertical farming systems with IoT controls to triple yield and ensure hygiene, and proprietary feed reducing conversion rates and farming cycles by 50%. We partner with local farmers, enhancing their income sixfold and efficiently utilizing agricultural by-products.

With premium quality and industrial scale, we export to over 27 countries across foiur continents, including Europe, as the only non-EU producer permitted to export crickets for human consumption. Our 12 vertical farms and two FSSC22000 certified processing factories handle 150 tons of crickets per month. Our main products include de-legged whole dried crickets, 64% protein whole powder, 74% protein defatted powder, and superfine powder for food and pet food industries. Our R&D focuses on high-value products like texturized cricket meat for the meat alternative market and processed cricket oil for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.