Fueling Global Growth: The 3rd Animal Precision Nutrition International Forum

Discussing relevant issues of precision nutrition from different perspective addressing climate change effects and strategies to achieve sustainable animal husbandry. The 3rd Animal Precision Nutrition Forum have successfully attracted 287 professional from 7 countries, with 14 heavyweight sessions and speakers.

Organized by Chinese Society of Animal Science and World's Poultry Science Association - Taiwan Branch, the 3rd Animal Precision Nutrition International Forum was successfully held on August 30, 2023, at Room 401 on the 4th floor of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center 1.

Following the principles from the previous two editions and aligning with sustainability, the forum aimed to enhance animal growth and reduce carbon emissions through precise feeding methods. Domestic and International Scholar, institutions, and companies from precision nutrition fields are invited to discuss and share their research and achievements, working together to achieve a sustainable future for animal husbandry.


The forum was divided into four sessions, discussing relevant issues of precision nutrition from different perspective addressing climate change effects and strategies to achieve sustainable animal husbandry, the sessions are as follow:

  • Climate Change and Adjustments in Low-Carbon Livestock Feeding Strategies
  • Feeding Strategies of Feed Additives
  • The Application of Gut Microbiota in Precision Nutrition
  • The Importance of Nutrients in the Livestock Industry


Climate Change and Adjustments in Low-Carbon Livestock Feeding Strategies

Opening the first session, Dr. Chin-Bin Hsu from Taiwan Livestock Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture discussed the newest national standards for swine and poultry feeds, focusing on factors including protein utilization, amino acid dosage, and the digestibility of nutrients to improve feed efficiency and reduce nitrogen emissions. Insights in this session were also provided by Professor Jung-Jen Seu from National Taiwan University Department of Animal Science and Technology & Professor Da-Ji Huang from Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science Department of Environmental Resources Management on greenhouse gas emissions in the livestock industry and strategies to achieve net-zero carbon emissions & carbon trading.


Feeding Strategies of Feed Additives

In addition to discussing precision feeding, the forum emphasized the importance of reducing antibiotic use in animal feed. Dr. Chao-Chi Su from More Standing Enterprise Co., Ltd. & Taiwan Association of Clinical Chinese Medicine shared insights on the importance and possible development of Chinese herbal medicine extraction application on domestic & farm animals. This is also demonstrated by Professor Vincent Cheng from National Ilan University Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, on the effects and benefits of Ophiocordyceps and Cordyceps spp. solid state fermentation products as animal feed including immune regulation, anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, etc.


Professor Tzu-Tai Lee from National Chung Hsing University explored the benefits of phytobiotic feed additives as alternatives to antibiotics, along with the use of by-products like (tangerine leave) and waste materials (broken tea leaves) as growth agents. These methods can reduce antibiotic dependency and enhance the sustainability of animal farming.


The Application of Gut Microbiota in Precision Nutrition

In the third session, Professor Chung-Hsung Shih from Lactozyme Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Professor Kuo-Lung Chen from National Chiayi University Department of Animal Science respectively addressed the roles of gut microorganism and their utilization in waste recycling. Professor Chung-Hsung Shih highlighted the importance of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics in improving gut microbiota, enhancing digestion, thus reducing the need for antibiotics and maintaining animal's internal health. Professor Kuo-Lung Chen elaborated on how microbial fermentation and breakdown can convert agricultural waste into feed additives, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, discussed his findings in this research, such as Jia Da Protein , and food-aroma enhancer microbes such as CU33 LYS1, and plant-based fermentation substrates.


The Importance of Nutrients in the Livestock Industry

The final session of the forum focuses on the Importance of Nutrients in the Livestock Industry, was open by Professor Yi-Hung Li National Ilan University Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science who pointed out the lack of diversity in modern diets and feed ingredients, leading to imbalance in nutrition and health issues. Additionally, he discussed the role of trace elements in animal production, including their ability to improve absorption efficiency, promote animal growth, and minimize environmental pollution.


Dr. Chung-Te Lee from GREAT WALL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. used Dahchan’s Chicken raising program to demonstrate the full process in achieving antibiotic-free farming. He emphasized the company's supply chain advantages or it’s cross strategy, from upstream raw materials, processing, biotech subsidiaries, and terminal sales, to ensure "quality chicks," "precise nutrition," and "feeding standards”. This farming method follows the global trend of antibiotic-free practices and reflects the company's social responsibility.


Dr. Click Wang, PhD from Illumina Taiwan Biotechnology Co., Ltd followed up the previous discussions by highlighting the use of genetic sequencing to select the best animals and provide them with the most accurate feed formulas. This approach benefits both animals and environmental ends, such as enhancing meat quality and reducing carbon emissions.


Furthermore, Professor Yi-Hung Li’s assistant also discussed the importance of livestock nutrients. Following the large scale mortality accident of wild buffaloes in the end of 2020, examinations revealed long-term malnutrition, subsequent observations on factors like seasonality, behavior, physique, blood, and vitamin E levels showed no significant differences, indicating the impact of climate change on the vitamin E content of plants and the need for further research on nutritional supplementation.


Hence, the 3rd Animal Precision Nutrition International Forum has been successfully concluded. The research and insights shared by experts across diverse fields are pivotal in propelling the livestock industry towards achieving low-carbon and sustainable development objectives, while also tackling the present challenges. We eagerly anticipate ongoing collaborations and discussions that will further contribute significantly to the sustainable progress of the livestock industry and its related sectors.


Read more about the 3rd Animal Precision Nutrition International Forum: https://www.taiwanagriweek.com/en/forum-detail/animalprecisionnutrition/



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